I have always loved the famous (humans only) Circus Oz. There is unrelenting energy, live music. irreverence, satire and of course the incredible artistry of the performers. The shows have a mixture of crazy humour, surrealism and poetry. I spent many days with the circus in Melbourne and Sydney, I drew and photographed in warm up sessions, back stage in the dressing rooms, in the 'green room' tent and at many performances. I was delighted that several performers came in costume to my Sydney studio to pose for me. I live and work part of every year Paris, drawing many times at the historic Cirque d’ hiver (the Winter Circus). It is dazzling inside with red velvet and chandeliers. Many artists have worked there, including Georges Seurat and particularly, Henri Toulouse Lautrec. It has also been the site of many films and photo shoots.